Keep Critters Out of Your Chimney

Keep Critters Out of Your Chimney

Get a chimney cap installation in Clio, MI

Your chimney cap has a wide range of responsibilities, from preventing water damage to decreasing air losses. If it's not installed correctly, you could run into a variety of costly issues. Trust Michigan Chimneys in Clio, MI to ensure that your chimney cap installation is handled correctly. We'll make sure your new cap fits your chimney perfectly. Let us know if you ever need a replacement down the line.

Arrange for chimney cap installation services today.

Is your chimney cap in bad shape?

You should get a chimney cap replacement if your current cap is showing signs of damage. Let us know if you see:

  • Cracks or dents in your cap
  • Rusting or discoloration
  • Water in your firebox

Our experts will determine if a chimney cap replacement is necessary. Call us today at 810-308-8941 if you need an inspection.